Final Fantasy Ring of the Lucii

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Final Fantasy Ring of the Lucii

Harboring the souls of Lucian Kings of old, The Ring of the Lucii allows its wearer to channel the power of the Crystal—but drains away one's life. It connects the power of the kings of Lucis and lets the wearer channel the power of Eos's Crystal. It is handed down from generation to generation, containing the collective power and wisdom of each Lucian King, and grants its immense power only to those it deems worthy at the cost of a blood price.

According to legend, the Ring of the Lucii was bestowed upon the kings of Lucis by the gods. Astrals created the ring of light, and it exists as proof of the rightful successor to the throne.

This highly articulate, hand crafted design features Bahamut the Draconian God of War, an Astral who appears in Final Fantasy XV. He is one of the Six and is the clad in winged armor. Bahamut appears to be the leader of the Astrals, and is said to have bestowed the powers of the Oracle and given the Crystal onto mankind.

(Disclaimer: no actual Gods/Spirits/Magic are bonded to this ring. This is an inspired-by adaptation of a fictional ring and the above story is for entertainment purposes only)

Stone: White Swarovski Diamond (Genuine Earth Stones Available ONLY Upon Request)

Cut: Round

Metal: 18K Yellow Gold over Sterling Silver Accents  OR Solid 10K, 14K, 18K Yellow Gold Accents and White Gold 

Ring Size: 4-12

Crafting: 2-3 Weeks

Delivery: 3-4 Weeks (After Purchase)

Please feel free to make this ring unique to you! It can come in white, yellow, Rose, and black gold, with a wide variety of stones! Please feel free to message us with any customizable request to make this crown truly your own!

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